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Linux Machines Incorporation invites people from similar fields engaged in marketing/selling/trading in various regions in similar capacity. Organizations interested in representing us are requested to kindly complete the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible so that full consideration can be given to your request.
Company Name :
Address :
Telephone Number :
Fax Number :
E-mail address :
Web address :
Branch Office/warehouse :
(Senior Executives)
: Names


When your company was incorporated :
Is your company registered :
Your present turnover :
Product inventory at the end of last year :
No. of Salesmen traveling :
No. of inside Salesmen :
What territory do you presently cover :
List of existing companies & products represented :
(please use separate sheet if necessary)
Do formal agreement exists with any of the above companies? if so, with whom? :
What market research have you undertaken concerning our products :
What is your estimated market potential for these products? :
What type of facilities do you have? (Showroom, workshop, warehouses) :
Do you have your distribution transport? :
Any agreement is conditional upon carrying your own Linux products inventory. What investment are you prepared to make? :
What would be the value of your initial stock order? :
What technical qualifications do your salesmen have? :
List your top 10 customers & the products you sell to them

What industries do you service? Paper Mills Corrugators
Laboratory Pharmaceuticals
What is your dominant industry sector
Would you appoint a packaging specialist or Product Manager
Do you have any previous experience dealing with these or similar products? If yes - explain
Please send your catalogue (or index of catalog) to know of the products your company represents
What would be your plans to advertise, exhibit, and /or promote the complete Linux product line?
Please list your bankers names and addresses and two other principal names from whom commercial reference could be obtained.
Please give any other information you feel will support your case to represent Linux products in the territory as stated above

This document does not constitute an agreement between the applicant and Linux Machines Incorporation as a representative of Linux.
Thank you for completing this form. Kindly submit for us to receive and process your application.

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