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Today our product line is evolving into a wide range of Instruments and quality control systems for both laboratory and process applications. Our product line has expanded far beyond the manual and analog testing equipment to a wide range of computerized, microprocessor instruments for off and on line monitoring and testing of quality parameters.

Bursting Strength tester
                  The equipment is used for accurate measurement of Bursting Strength of paper, paperboards, corrugated boards, solid fibre board, filter cloth/industrial fabrics etc., as per national and various international standards, viz., TAPPI, ASTM, FEFCO, etc.
Box Compression Tester

                Compression Strength of a corrugated container is the most important and reliable indication of the overall / ultimate quality measurement.

GSM Tester

                The equipment is designed to measure / determine GSM (substance) of Paper, paperboard, fabric, PVC, plastic and other materials.

Crush tester

                The equipment is designed for testing liner, fluting, corrugated board, small packaging material, etc.
                The “Linux” Digital Crush tester precisely determines the crush resistance of corrugated containers, plastics, ceramics, wallboard, as well as a wide range of other materials.

Tear Tester

                The tear strength is the measurement of internal tearing strength of paper and performed according to the Elmendorf principle by using four plies of the sample.

Cobb Tester

                The Cobb test is used to find out weight of water in grams absorbed by one square meter area of sample when subjected to specified water head for a specified time.

Puncture Resistance Tester

                Puncture resistance tester determines accurate and precise indication of the resistance offered by packaging materials to puncture.


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