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                 Compression Strength of a corrugated container is the most important and reliable indication of the overall/ultimate quality measurement.
It comprises of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of the box viz., kraft paper, adhesive, stitching wire etc., the fabricational factors like corrugation, adhesion, joint stitching etc., along with the dimensions, i.e., perimeter and height of the container.


"Linux" Box Compression Tester is available with electronic digital display of the load and length (deflection). The equipment is available in three models :
a. Only load display for box compression strength.
b. Load and length display with two speeds of 1/2" per minute for testing and 7" per minute for platen movement.
Microprocessor based model with printer port for graph printing of load v/s. deflection, result data's, manufacturers and product description data entry and RS232 port for PC interface. The machine once put in auto mode performs all the operations on its own and then returns to normal position.

All the models are available with testing capacity 1000 kgf and maximum box size of 1m x 1m x 1m.