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               The Cobb test is used to find out weight of water in grams absorbed by one square meter area of sample when subjected to specified water head for a specified time..

"LINUX" COBB TESTER - Paper model

The equipment has a very easy hand clamping and release of the sample mechanism.
This new design is very light and compact as compared to other available models.
Side tension adjustment nuts for clamp strength.

The two handles are held apart and the paper to be tested is inserted in the block. After the paper is treated the tester is lowered, the water discharged and the sample released through the pulling apart of the two handles.

"LINUX" COBB TESTER - Paper, board and waterproof paper model

One model for testing paper, corrugated board, laminated board and water proof sheets. The water level head is higher and has three different level markings as per various standards. The sample clamping strength is adjusted through a lever and the effort required is minimum owing to its construction and mechanism.
The water dispensation is by moving the head to side and then turning it round.